The “Made by Unicorns” Story

We all want to make a difference. To make the world a better place. One fine day, friends and I were talking about things that do indeed make this world a better place.

Naturally, someone suggested that unicorns make this existence special. As the discussion continued, I asked myself: when is the last time I saw a unicorn in the wild?

The answer is never. I never have.

And when I asked my friends, they all went silent. They’d never seen a unicorn in the wild either.

I started talking to other people, and searching The Facebook and The Google, and frequenting various Subreddits. I never found anyone who has seen a majestic unicorn in the wild. Sure, we all see the occasional urban unicorn out and about. At coffee shops, writing haikus on their Macbooks while they sip cocoa. At craft stores, checking out glitter fabric for projects. Occasionally, even loitering outside clubs, trying to bum clove cigarettes. But those sightings are few and far between.

However, free-roaming unicorns in their natural habitat are endangered…perhaps the most endangered of all species. So naturally, I knew I had to something: this was my opportunity to make the world a better place, by finding and protecting wild unicorns. I began my search–and my research. I traveled the globe, pursuing rumored sightings. Studying habitats. Tracking climate zones.

After literally thousands of hours of scanning the globe, I found them: the last surviving population of free-roaming unicorns, deep in the lush forests of Asia. (I can’t reveal an exact location, for obvious reasons.) By the time I found them, their population had shrunk to fewer than 500, and their natural habitat was shrinking.

I knew the key to their future was self-sufficiency, and I knew they had magical qualities and abilities that would help them be so. They poop sherbet. They leave trails of glitter in their wake. They create rainbows that stretch across the sky. Just imagine if they made ordinary products.

They wouldn’t be ordinary products anymore. They would be extraordinary products.

So I worked with the unicorns to create a sustainable facility where they can do their magic…and we’re now rolling out everyday items for your home, your hobbies, and your life. It’s stuff you need anyway. But it’s special stuff.

Magical stuff.

Because it’s all made by unicorns.

: TL Hines, Founder