Why Buy “Made by Unicorns” Products?

Unicorns have mystical abilities that help them create superior products:


The unicorn horn is actually a very sophisticated quality inspection tool. When our unicorn inspectors notice an imperfection or defect, their horns begin to magically glow, alerting us to the problem. So when you open your Made by Unicorns product, and you see the number of the unicorn inspector who verified the quality of your item inside the package, you know you’re getting something special. You can even go to our website, look up the number of your unicorn inspector, and get to know a few personal details about him or her.


Unicorn hooves are perfect for precision measuring, cutting and forming. As an added bonus, unicorn hooves are able to emboss and stamp every product we make. So when you’re holding a Made by Unicorns product in your hands, and you see that unicorn symbol, you know it literally has the unicorn stamp of approval.


Unicorns in general are very fun-loving. On the factory floor, you’ll often see glitter parties break out spontaneously. You can sense the pride, the whimsy, and the fun that go into every product. So, all other things being equal, would you rather have an ice cube tray…or an ice cube tray MADE BY UNICORNS? Yeah. Us, too.