If you’ve purchased an official “Made by Unicorns” product, you’ve undoubtedly found a unicorn inspection card included. (The card is also a free sticker–apply the “Made by Unicorns” sticker anywhere you need a little bit of extra unicorn magic.)

We want you to get to know the Unicorn Inspectors who help us with quality control, so we’ve created profiles for each and every one of them. Just enter the number of your Unicorn Inspector below. You can also sign up for email updates from your Unicorn Inspector, who will personally write to tell you about new products, updates, and other fun news. (Infrequently, of course–unicorns aren’t fond of typing emails, as their hooves aren’t naturally suited for it.)


Are you an urban unicorn? A unicorn who has been displaced from your natural habitat? If so, you undoubtedly want to help your free-roaming brethren in the wild. We’d love to work with you, and give you the opportunity to become a Unicorn Inspector.

Please fill out a profile and upload a photo; your inspection card will appear in future “Made by Unicorns” shipments.

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